Craigslist Joe
Executive Produced by Zach Galifianakis
Directed by Joey Garner
Music by SyncBeats
ABC News:​​
Behind the Scenes with ‘Craigslist Joe'
Would you ever ditch your responsibilities to devote yourself completely to living off the kindness and generosity of the strangers you find on Craigslist? That’s what Joe Garner did. Garner, 32, joined forces with  funnyman-turned-executive-producer Zach Galifianakis for a documentary called ”Craigslist Joe”. The film follows Garner cross-country as he relies on Craigslist ads for food, a place to sleep and bathe, and more.
Garner is no stranger to the film industry. He was the assistant to director Todd Phillips on what he calls “a little movie at the time,” which turned into the blockbuster hit ”The Hangover.” It was on the set of “The Hangover” that Garner and Galifianakis first started discussing the premise for “Craigslist Joe.” Living in a hotel casino in 2008 while filming the movie, Garner said he felt isolated in Vegas. “The country was falling apart around me, people losing their homes, people just out on their own. So I got to thinking: If I lost everything, what would happen? I’d probably be OK, because I have great friends and family. But what if I didn’t? Who would I rely on?” So he put social media to the test to see how reliable it was in times of need. Garner said he didn’t have a central goal but wanted to prove that it was possible to get help.